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Mercedes Benz Key Expert Evo Smart Key Tester & Remote Signal Tester For All Models

Mercedes Benz Key Expert Evo Smart Key Tester & Remote Signal Tester For All Models

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MB Key Expert Evo Overview:

The newly designed MBE MB Expert device is manufactured for professionals, it works with Mercedes smart key testing & checking. It is used to test the efficiency of any MERCEDES smart key uses IR technology for information transmission.
MB Mercedes Key Expert EVO gets power from Li-Ion battery or from PC (or stationary power supplier 5 Volts) via USB standard. USB connection mode charges accumulate at the same time. In battery mode, you see battery voltage value when you turn ON the device.

Mercedes Key Tool Expert Evo main features:

  • Mercedes key tester tool show the key number (from 1-8)
  • Mercedes benz key tester show key version
  • MB key tool tester show key ID status, used to check if data is damaged, or if there any wrong issue in the key
  • Showing the key life span (getting less by every ignition start)
  • MB BGA key reader shows the count of the key to test it (like if it’s in the EIS)
  • MB key signal tester do radio Frequency operation checking
  • Mercedes smart key tester show remote battery percentage
  • NBE exoert evo is easy to use, no PC software required
  • MBE mb expert evo LED screen light to be able to work at dark
  • MBE key tester auto turning off after 45 seconds
  • MBE ME smart key tester is easy to carry with you always
  • MB Key testing tool battery charging via USB Cable.

MB Key Expert EVO General View:




| Softwares and Manuals can be downloaded from the download section |

How to use

Just insert the key inside the device and press read, the device will show you the key information same the photo as bellow:


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