Xhorse Key Reader XDKP00GL Multiple Key Type Supported

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Xhorse Key cutting reader XDKP00GL overview:

The Xhorse Key reader XDKP00GL is a multiple types key reader based on the Xhorse App to Identify the key bitting within seconds, the Xhorse XDKP00GL key reader is a professional and portable key identification device.

It can identify car keys (including plastic keys and aluminum keys) quickly and accurately.
With its optical imaging technique, whether it is a plastic key, an aluminum key with an oxidized layer or a defaced key.

The Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader can accurately identify and read the bitting without breaking probes.
Above all, the whole key bitting reading process only takes seconds, therefore, Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader can save time and effort for locksmiths worldwide.

Xhorse key reader highlights:

  • Xhorse key reader can read the key bitting more accurately than taking photos
  • Xhorse key reader is accurate and efficient optical Identification of key bitting
  • Xhorse key reader Identify aluminum keys, plastic keys, and metal keys
  • Xhorse key reader takes only seconds to read the key bitting
  • using the Xhorse key reader to avoid breaking probes
  • The Xhorse key reader uses the Xhorse mobile APP.
  • The Xhorse key reader is an optical imaging technique in key bitting reading.
  • The Xhorse reader optical imaging uses light and special properties of photons to obtain detailed images of substances. Based on the optical imaging technique, Xhorse XDKP00GL Key Reader is able to identify almost all car and motorcycle keys.



Xhorse key reader XDKP00GL supported key types:

  • The Xhorse XDKP00GL key reader Identify External Key bitting
  • The Xhorse XDKP00GL key reader Identify Internal Key bitting


Xhorse XDKP00 Key Reader package contains:

  • Xhorse key reader main unit
  • Xhorse key reader user manual
  • Xhorse key reader power adapter


Item Code ABK-5070
Manufacturer XHORSE


Brand Model From Year To Year


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