Xhorse Smart Watch Keyless Go Wearable Super Car Key Navy Blue SW-007 XSWK05EN

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Xhorse VVDI SW-007 smartwatch overview:

The Xhorse smartkey watch is a smartwatch that can be used as a replacement for your car remote or your car smart key.
Xhorse SW007 Smartwatch can be produced using most Xhorse VVDI key programming devices.
The Xhorse VVDI smartwatch supports most Xhorse smart keys that can be generated to the Xhorse universal smart keys.

The Xhorse Smartwatch SW-007 highlights:

  • The Xhorse universal smartwatch supports over 30,000 car models.
  • The Xhorse SW-007 universal smartwatch is a Multi-functional Smart Watch
  • The Xhorse SW007 universal smartwatch supports smart keyless Go key replacement.
  • The Xhorse 007 universal smartwatch supports door unlocking, locking & trunk opening.
  • The Xhorse VVDI SW007 universal smartwatch supports auto start/stop your car (if the vehicle has this function)
  • The Xhorse VVDI 007 universal smartwatch supports a panic button (if the vehicle has this function)


The Xhorse Smartwatch 007 can be programmed using:

  • Xhorse XSWK05 Smartwatch programming by VVDI Mini Key Tool  ABK-4477
  • Xhorse VVDI XSWK05EN Smartwatch programming by VVDI Key Tool Max  ABK-4716
  • Xhorse VVDI XSWK05 Smartwatch programming by VVDI Key Tool Plus  ABK-4990


Xhorse VVDI Smartwatch features:

  1. The Xhorse Smartwatch comes with a strong sapphire glass
  2. The Xhorse XSWK05EN Smartwatch has smart 4 buttons, a lock button, unlock button, a trunk button, and a multifunctional button.
  3. The Xhorse Smart key watch back case is processed by the ceramic bezel, stainless steel, and sapphire crystal.
  4. The Xhorse SW-007 Smartwatch is equipped with exquisite Japanese movement which can power the watch for up to 730 days.
  5. The Xhorse SW 007 Smartwatch is 5ATM water-resistant suitable for everyday use
  6. The Xhorse SW7 Smartwatch hands are clearly readable in a dark environment.


How to generate Xhorse XSWK05EN watch smart key?

Xhorse VVDI watch SW-007 generating is exactly the same as Xhorse smart key generating, the VVDI watch should be put in the detection coil as deep as possible during the process of a remote generation.

After successfully completing the Xhorse smartwatch remote generation, you have to match it with the vehicle same as matching the original remote or the vehicle's original smart key, you can remote access the vehicle by the smartwatch after successfully completing the matching process. For the vehicles that have a smart key, you can start the vehicle without having the vehicle original smart key in your pocket


Item Code ABK-4994-XSWK05EN
Manufacturer XHORSE
Type Smart Key
OEM Part Number XSWK05EN


Brand Model From Year To Year


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