KeyDiy KD KeyTime Smart Watch BKT02

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KEYDIY KEYTIME Smart Watch Replace Your Smart Key after generating & programming it to your car
You won’t need to carry your smart key anymore while you are wearing the KD Smart watch

KEYDIY KD smart watch can be connected with “KEYTIME” mobile APP to give you more options and features to your smart watch, KEYDIY KD Smart Watch KEYTIME is certificated as IP67 Waterproof

KEYDIY smart watch must be generated using KEYDIY KD-X2 key programmer ABK-4209

KEYDIY smart watch is available in two options:

  • KEYDIY BKT-01 Smart watch LED version & high-quality rubber band ABK-4500-BKT01
  • KEYDIY BKT-02 Smart watch Quartz watch & high-quality leather band ABK-4500-BKT02


  • Generate KEYDIY smart watch as smart key Using KD-X2 key programmer ABK-4209
  • Generate KD key time smart watch Access card Using KEYDIY X2 key programmer ABK-4209
  • Sport monitoring
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Time, date, stopwatch...
  • SMS message reminder
  • More functions will be updated

How to generate the smart key to KEYDIY smart watch

  1. Lay the KD KT smart watch on the KD-X2 coil flatly
  2. Select the smart key you would like to generate from your KD App in your smartphone and press generate button
  3. After KD Smartwatch generating is done you should program the watch to the car with any key programming device such as Zed-Full, Bosscomm Kmax 850, X100 key programmer, OBDSTAR key programmer, or any other key programming device

KD KEYTIME Smart Watch Box Contains:

  • KD Smartwatch X1
  • KD smartwatch charger X1

  - KEYDIY BKT Smart watch User manual can be downloaded from here




Item Code ABK-4500-BKT02
Manufacturer KEYDIY [genuine]
Type Smart Key
OEM Part Number BKT02


Brand Model From Year To Year


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