Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Unlock, Renew Adapters Set 13-24

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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Renew Adapters Overview:

The Xhorse VVDI Key Tool can be used to renew (unlock) many different types of used remotes & smart keys using Xhorse VVDI Key tool unlock adapter. The Xhorse key tool doesn’t come with the Xhorse remote renew adapter as those adapters must be purchased separately
The Xhorse Key tool unlock adapter doesn’t required soldering just put the remotes in the board and reset it.
Most of the remotes can be renewed using the Xhorse remote unlock adapter, some remotes should be plugged by wires to the VVDI Key tool as no adapter yet manufactured.

Xhorse Key tool remote unlock adapter supported key programming devices

Xhorse remote unlock adapter 13-24 Supported Remote Control

  • (Adapter 13) Honda B002818-3-V0.3 b002818-3
  • (Adapter 14) Nissan PBB-21148-00-AA-V0.1
  • (Adapter 15) Chrysler FOUR-COPY-TO-TWO-V0.1
  • (Adapter 16) Chrysler KA3635-V0.2 KA 3635 316
  • (Adapter 17) Peugeot 5-TYPE-20-V0.2
  • (Adapter 18) Nissan A2C53297341-01-V0.1 SIEMENS VD0
  • (Adapter 19) Nissan DONOTTOUCH-V0.2 A2C 3280 1600 02
  • (Adapter 20) Chrysler 011-155201-V0.2
  • (Adapter 21) Honda YIXING-V0.2
  • (Adapter 22) Mazda JX331BB1002A-V0.1 JX33 1 BB 1002A
  • (Adapter 23) Buick 5-TYPE-22-V0.1 325 2.0-02
  • (Adapter 24) Buick 5-TYPE-25-V0.1

Xhorse Key tool remote renew adapter Box Contains:

  • VVDI Unlock Adapters Set 12 pcs
  • Wires 3pcs
  • Plastic Bag


Item Code ABK-4050
Manufacturer XHORSE


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