Miracle S10 All In One Key Cutting Machine Miracle S10

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Miracle S10 Key Cutting Machine


With all the roles the MIRACLE series, it has been an object of desire for user, and the subject of RED TECHONOLGY.
It has studied and developed innovations safety, performance and effectiveness.

About Miracle-S10

  • ​10” Touch screen eases operating the device.
  • Newly developed 4th-generation XY platform equipped
  • Remarkably high performance thanks to stronger motor and the 4th-generation-platform
  • Dual built-in cutter system for less cutter exchange
  • Dual built-in, sliding clamp system for less clamp exchange
  • New clamp set with interchange-able jaws for easier jaw change
  • Full-automatic key and clamp measurement
  • Larger space for clamp manipulation
  • Built-in bluetooth wireless communication
  • Artificial Intelligent(AI) software that automatically decides best cutting method
  • Remarkably improved CodeMaster2 version 10 software supplied


Remarkably fast cutting speed

  • Much faster key cutting achieved thanks to a stronger motor and newly developed stable platform
  • ​Key cutting is almost twice as faster than the earlier models



Dual built-in,sliding clamp system for less clamp exchange

  • Two built-in clamps are equipped
  • One is fixed automotive key clamp and the other is interchangeable clamp
  • Necessity of clamp exchange reduced dramatically
  • Active clamp for the cutting key is set by sliding the clamp set to the left or right and fastening



Dual built-in cutter system for less cutter exchange

  • Two built-in spindles equipped
  • One is for the endmill cutter and the other is for a dimple cutter
  • Necessity of cutter exchange to cut different types of keys reduced dramatically
  • Machine automatically decides which tool to use when cutting a key
  • Dimple-and-snake mixed key cutting becomes dramatically easy



Full-Automatic Key and Clamp Measurement

  • Un-calibrated clamp or jaw is automatically calibrated
  • Key dimension and position is automatically measured
  • Clamp calibration is automatically performed
  • Built-in decoder offers the key and clamp measurement feature

Auto-folding decoder adapted

  • Equipped with auto-folding decoder module
  • Initially hidden and automatically appears when needed
  • It reduces moving distance and drastically saves time when doing calibration, decoding and key measurement


Easier Manipulation

  • The latest Microsoft tablet adapted
  • Tablet with a large 10 inch screen is equipped for the machine
  • Faster, larger,more responsive and more stable than the one used for former models
  • Easier to use thanks to a larger screen and already
    embedded CodeMaster2 software

CodeMaster2 Version 10

  • New CodeMaster2 version 10 is offered
  • Totally new and user- friendly design has been successfully adapted
  • Bitting from code(code search) and searching for available bitting features is also offered
  • Residential and vehicle key database is offered
  • Data scroll by swipe is offered



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Item Code ABK-4040
Manufacturer Miracle


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