Range Rover - Jaguar JLR Doctor OBD Key Programmer 2010 To 2017

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As of April 2015 (SDD v.141.04 and later releases), all JLR vehicles (Land Rover, Range Rover & Jaguar) have a software update, which makes their Keyless Vehicle Modules (KVM) 'read only'.
If the owner requires additional key fobs (due to loss etc.), the KVM should be replaced.
Official JLR representatives should not charge customers for the cost of the new KVM itself, but only for the key fob, cutting of the key blade, and programming of the KVM.
Despite that, there could be delays for supplying of brand new KVM or other issues, related to exchanging KVM.
New update for JLR Doctor key programmer ready to cover latest versions that support CAN based models from 2010 up to 2017 FK72 Versions of KVM & GX73 Versions of BCM Without exchanging the KVM.
We at ABKEYS fully support JLR Doctor company in their efforts to maximize security of their cars, protecting owners from losses, due to stolen cars, on the other hand, we are trying to support and help independent garages and legitimate key makers, which covers customers in areas without official JLR representatives.

We are proud to announce, that ABKEYS is first in the world to support newest 2015/2017 models with latest FK72 KVM versions without exchanging the KVM.
As for the older KVM releases, all operations are performed in seconds and customer could have his car the same day.
As already declared, our device is for legal use only.

Currently, our JLR Doctor supports Key Programming device all known versions and below You will find list of KVM releases, personally tested by us.
Device functionality is not limited to these and as you can see we provide constant support.
KVM & BCM Versions That Are Supported Now, New Versions Will Be Added Continuously
FK72-14C104-AB DPLA-14C104-AA AH22-14C104-AA  FW93-14C184-AC 
FK72-14C104-AC DPLA-14C104-AB  AH22-14C104-AB  
FK72-14C104-AD DPLA-14C104-AC AH22-14C104-AC CPLA-14C184-AE NEW 
FK72-14C104-AE DPLA-14C104-AD AH22-14C104-AE CPLA-14C184-AF NEW
FK72-14C104-AF DPLA-14C104-AE AH22-14C104-AJ  
FK72-14C104-AG DPLA-14C104-AG    
FK72-14C104-AH DPLA-14C104-BA AH42-14C104-AB  
  DPLA-14C104-CA AH42-14C104-AC  BJ32-14C104-AE 
BH42-14C184-AA NEW  DPLA-14C104-C NEW AH42-14C104-AD  BJ32-14C184-AC NEW
FK72-14C104-BA NEW DPLA-14C184-AM NEW AH42-14C104-AE   
FK72-14C104-BB NEW      
FK72-14C104-BC NEW      
FK72-14C104-BD NEW      
FK72-14C104-BE NEW      
FK72-14C104-BF NEW       
JLR Programmer needs less than minute to learn a new key if there are no fault codes in the intelligent key module.
If there is a fault, JLR Doctor need less than minute to clear the fault and learn a new key.
Device can program the maximum of 8 smart keys in the immobilizer module memory.
Free JLR Doctor PC software that has many free functions:
  • Renew used smart keys and reprogram them to the vehicle
  • Replace faulty lost keys and add new keys 
  • JLR Software can update the device so no need to resend us the device for future update
  • New versions of the KVM & BCM will be added continuously
Works with original & duplicate smart keys, Keyless go system and remote will work properly
Device comes in 4 packages
1. All models from 2010 To 2014
2. All models from 2010 To 2016
3. All models from 2010 To 2017
4. All models from 2010 To 2017 With HPLA Version

JLR Key Programmer PC Software:
NOTE: Contact Us to know more about the product packages


Item Code ABK-3977
Manufacturer ABK


Brand Model From Year To Year
JAGUAR XJ 2010 2017
JAGUAR XF 2010 2017


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