Genuine Lishi T3 2-in-1 Pick / Decoder For BW9MH T88 BW9MH-2IN1

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The Genuine Lishi T3 Tools are aimed at the most dedicated auto locksmith professional and stands for Tough, Technically Advanced Tools.
They have the most advanced coating technology using a combination of titanium and other precious materials to create a strong and durable outer layer.
Titanium as a material is known for its strength, which is why T3 picks and decoders are tougher than any other tools on the market.
Their anti-glare, matt black finish and white, contrasting grid makes them extremely easy to read.
After 4 years of dedicated tool development, trials and continual testing, T3 was born.
T3 stands for Tough, Technically-Advanced Tools.
There are three different Lishi tools:
  • 2 in 1: you can pick the lock and read it after picking it, it works for door locks only
  • 3 in 1: you can pick the lock and read it after picking it, it works for door, trunk & ignition locks.
  • Reader: you can read the lock without picking it, just insert the tool and read the bitting heights directly without having working key, or picking the lock, after that you can cut the key by the bitting code which you read by any automatic key cutting machine such as Miracle A5, Miracle A9 Premium or any other machines.
  • anonymous coding system
  • durable, jet black, anti-glare finish
  • made with the highest quality titanium and other precious materials
  • features a contrasting white, easy to read grid
  • offers the added strength needed to pick those older, trickier locks


Item Code ABK-3954
Manufacturer LISHI
Keyblank BW9MH
Type Geniune Lishi T3 Tools


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