Bmw ISN DME Cable For MSV & MSD For VVDI2 To Read ISN On Bench

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Xhorse VVDI2 BMW ISN reading cable overview:

The BMW ISN reading cable is required to read the BMW ISN number on the bench without the car
BMW ISN code is required when programming BMW CAS3+ all keys lost smart key

Connect the BMW DME ISN reading cable with the BMW ECU and the BMW key programming device, and start BMW ISN reading procedures from BMW DME, BMW ISN reading is done without drilling a hole in DME for the BMW DME boot bin.

How to read BMW MSV80 ISN using the VVDI2 BMW key programmer

  • Connect BMW DME with the VVDI2 using BMW ISN reading cable
  • Go to key learn section in the VVDI2, then select ECU ISN reading
  • Select the BMW DME Type you need to read the ISN
  • Press Read BMW ECU information
  • The VVDI 2 will show you the BMW ECU info
  • Press Read BMW DME ISN
  • BMW ISN code reading required approximately 8 minutes
  • After BMW ISN reading success the VVDI2 will show the DME ISN code
  • Save the BMW ISN code to process with the BMW smart key programming

BMW ISN cable-supported DME (ECU)

  • BMW MSV80 ISN reading
  • BMW MSV801 ISN reading
  • BMW MSD80 ISN reading
  • BMW MSD81 ISN reading
  • BMW MSD802 ISN reading
  • BMW MSD812 ISN reading
  • BMW MSD851 ISN reading

BMW DME ISN reading cable is compatible with

  • Xhorse VVDI 2 programmer  ABK-3820
  • Xhorse VVDI BMW programmer  ABK-4600
  • BMW AutoHex III programmer  ABK-4550-AHX0103
  • CGDI BMW key programmer
  • and other BMW DME ISN reading devices

BMW CAS ISN reading supported system:

  • BMW CAS3 ISN reading from DME
  • BMW CAS3+ ISN reading from DME
  • BMW CAS3++ ISN reading from DME
  • BMW CAS3+ ISTAP ISN reading from DME

BMW ISN reading cable-supported vehicles:

  • BMW E series DME ISN reading 2006-2014
  • BMW E90 DME ISN reading 2006-2014
  • BMW E92 DME ISN reading 2006-2014
  • BMW E60 DME ISN reading 2006-2014
  • BMW E87 DME ISN reading 2006-2014
  • BMW E89 DME ISN reading 2006-2014

BMW ECU ISN reading cable package contains:

  • 1 Pc x BMW ISN DME Cable for MSV and MSD.


Item Code ABK-3897
Manufacturer XHORSE


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