Miracle A9 Premium Automatic Key Cutting Machine Miracle A9P

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MIRACLE A9 PREMIUM is a system used to create or copy automobile keys, tubular keys, dimple keys, and domestic keys.
Miracle-A9 Premium uses state of the art CNC technology to support fast and accurate key production. It is an innovation key cutting solution which is designed for professional locksmiths. Miracle-A9 Premium is equipped with touch screen for easy key production with no external devices.
Also, you can produce a key by using bluetooth wireless communication between Miracle-A9 Premium and any PC.
Machine Size 
 (W)265 x (D)340 x (H)350mm 
Spindle Motor Power 
 0.005mm(XY) / 0.00125mm(Z) 
Power Consumption
 Stand-by 16W/ Cutting 80W
 AC 100~240V 50/60Hz


▷ 8” Touch Screen

8” Touch screen eases operating the device. It guarantees faster and more friendly program use.

▷ Ball Screw and LM-Guide Equipped

Supports more accurate and powerful cutting force by equipping Ball screw and LM-guide.

▷ Wireless Upgrade via Wi-Fi

Easy to upgrade data using Wi-Fi wireless network.

▷ Manual Operation

Provides manual operation to mill key for special purpose.

▷ Decoder and Cutter

Easy-to-use “key measurement and duplication” by using both decoder and cutter simultaneously.

▷ Dual Spindle Belt

Guarantees stable spin performance with dual spindle belts.

▷ Replaceable Clamp

Replaceable clamps to support various key production. 
Tibbe Clamp
LDV Clamp (FO19)
Tubular Key Clamp
Dimple Key Clamp
Standard Key Clamp
Magnum Key Clamp
Key Marking Clamp

▷ Automatic Key Measurement

Automatically measures the thickness, position of tip and center of a key.
(Automatically corrects error in measurements)

▷ Adjustable Touch Screen Tilt Angle

Adjustable touch screen tilt angle to adapt user’s various working environment such as light reflection and touch angle.

▷ LED Lights

The bright LED lights support night work and other poor lighting environments.

▷ Tool Tray

Tool tray is equipped to store tools such as cutter, probe, and wrench easily.


AC Adapter(24V 5A) 1 Auxiliary Clamp 
 Power Code  Calibration Bar
 USB Cable  Tool Holder
 Cutter(2.0mm)  Spindle Belt(3.5Φ)
 Probe  HU66 Clamp
 T-Wrench(2.5mm)  Space Bar
 Bolt(M4)  Instruction Manual
 Stopper  Brush
 Stopper(Right-To-Left)  Back Bracket
Cover & Tray Handle 2 Mounting Bracket 1
Ground Wiring 1    

[20 April 2018]
  • IC Card 1684 bug has been fixed.
  • Key marking software bug has been fixed.
[18 April 2018]
  • Save key error has been fixed.
  • Keyboard layout bug has been fixed.
  • Troubleshoot - space problem has been added.
  • Key marking function bug has been fixed.
  • Minor bug has been fixed.
[22 March 2018]
  • Update Software version 8.18.1
  • Code Search has been added.
  • Memory over flow bug has been fixed when use Bluetooth mode.
  • Windows certification problem solution has been imported.
  • ‘Corbin’ key blank has been added.
  • Overlapped manufacturer has been removed.
  • SX9 Autosensing is always set to ‘All’.
  • Minor bug has been fixed. 
[16 March 2018]
  • Update Software version 8.17.31
  • IC Card Search bug has been fixed.
  • A data from Instacode can be saved.
  • Bluetooth Instacode data loading bug has been fixed.
  • Minor bug has been fixed.
[7 March 2018]
  • Update Software version 8.17.30
  • HU162T key data loading error has been fixed.
  • Minor bug has been fixed.
[26 February 2018]
  • Update Software version 8.17.29
  • Reduce screen return time after ‘Bitting Input’ and ‘Decoding’ processed.
  • Code series is available after IC Card and Key blank searching if the result has code-series.
  • Machine information invalidated error has been fixed when trying to marking on the key.
  • Network list loading bug has been fixed.
  • HU162T Key data has been added.
  • Minor bug has been fixed.
[24 January 2018]
  • Update Software Version 8.17.26
  • Wi-Fi signal strength limit has been modified from 50% to 30%.
  • The process has been modified after making a key.
  • A message has been added for checking the clamp before making a key.
  • Virtual keyboard pop-up has been blocked.
  • The bug that 'spiral button' is shown has been fixed on 'key cut' screen.
  • The problem that the 'Stop' button doesn't working has been fixed.
  • Upgrade program message has been modified.
  • The Code-Series of 'HON66' has been fixed.
  • The data loading speed of 'Last Cut' and 'Cut History' has been improved.
  • On Bluetooth mode, 'Manual cutting' is available now.
  • HU101 key data error has been fixed.
  • 'YM23' key data has been added.
  • System message and image has been fixed.
  • Minor bug has been fixed.
[05 January 2018]
  • Update Software Version 8.17.24
  • IC Card 1417 Key data has been modified.
  • Code-Series (Tag Number) Input keypad has been modified.
  • DB Manager listing has been modified.
  • Minor bug has been fixed.
[30 November 2017]
  • Update Software Version 8.17.21
  • Bitting Input error has been fixed when the key has less 2 pins.
  • Decoding bug has been fixed on bluetooth mode.
  • Tibbe key image error has been fixed.
  • Caution message has been added to 1 pass cut.
  • Dimple cutter diameter will be modifiable.
  • Clear Bitting is available to individual pin on Bitting input screen.
  • Information of cutters in some keys is disappeared automatically on cutting screen.
  • The problem which the key screen is not returned after decoding has been fixed.
  • If a key has reversed bitting order form, pop-up message will be shown.
  • Loading 'Last Key' in User key data menu has been fixed.
  • Now Users will be available to save key data to user key database which is in 'Menu - Save Key' of key data Screen.
  • YM23 Key blank data has been added.
  • Key data has been updated.
  • Now users can check all the Key blanks list by clicking key blanks pop-up.
  • Code-Series function is added, and the rest code-series will be available for the next update.
  • When Code-Series and Bitting Search list are over 100, message box will show with information message.
  • Code-Series is also available when you select key by cut history or favorite key.
  • While searching Code data or bittings, ..please wait, loading.. pop-up message to be shown.
  • Bluetooth connection icon has been inserted to left top of main screen.
  • When trying to use Barcode function, 'Need to Barcode Scanner' message will pop up.
  • Battery display icon has been added.
  • Information of Software date has been added.
  • Bluetooth connection errors has been fixed on communication screen.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed.
[16 August 2017]
  • Language file(French) has been updated.
  • Bluetooth communication bug has been fixed when a key has 30 spaces over.
  • Bluetooth flow control function has been added.
  • Message of clamp calibration has been fixed.
  • Chinese has been updated.
  • Added Chinese alphabetical listing function.
  • Bitting input error has been fixed.
  • Key copy error has been fixed.
  • Standard key clamp's side image has been updated.
  • User key profile prefix alphabet error has been fixed.
  • Minor bug has been fixed.
[28 July 2017]
  • Available to switch Serial Port & Bluetooth Communication Mode.
  • Minor bug has been fixed.
  • Language file has been updated.
  • Bluetooth communication is stabilized.
  • Minor bug has been fixed.
[10 July 2017]
  • Bluettoth communication is stabilized.
  • Minor bug has been fixed.
[18 April 2017]
  • Key data has been modified.
  • Phoenix safe
    • DS2000 depth value has been modified.
  • Key marking software has been integrated to main process.
    • Loading speed has been improved.
  • Key database management software has been integrated to main process.
    • Loading speed has been improved.
  • Automatic resize of the program to screen size.
  • Fake bead has been added to 'Mul-T-Lock MT5+'.
[11 April 2017]
  • New Key data has been added
    • Phoenix save
    • Cash Box
    • DS2000
    • KC0600
    • SS0721E
    • SS0991K
    • Safewell
    • Yale
    • Yale Platinum 3 Star [3-2-4]
    • Iseo
    • 529
  • Manufacturer overlap bug has been fixed when firmware language is Korean.
  • Automatic set screen size function has been added.
  • Key profile creator sub program’s speed has been improved.
  • Old domestic clamp’s image has been added.
  • Minor bug has been fixed
[28 February 2017]
  • Dimple cutter diameter display bug error has been fixed.
[27 February 2017]
  • Bitting search limits has been increased from 1 empty bitting to 4 empty bitting on Bitting Input Screen.
  • Decimal Bitting up and down function has been added to input screen.
  • InstaCode PC Version is available now.
  • Toyota - Aygo changed to ICard 1126
  • HU101 data fixed
  • Yale - Yale Platinum 3Star added
  • Avocet - Pioneer+ added
  • HU162 Key Data added
  • Tibbe adapter guide picture now shows stopper position to use
  • The Jaw now moves to the left more to ensure more space for tool change when VA2 Adapter is used right-to-left direction
  • Tool many continuous calibration fixed in some degree
  • Half-cut bitting number is now changed by up/down arrow
  • Dimple decoding screen now shows dimple cutter to use
  • And some minor bug fixed.
[8 August 2016]
  • User Interface improved
  • Upgrade server and program stabled
  • Manual cutting: TOY48 Milling option added
  • LCD Brightness and Button clicking sound changeable
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Key adapter's image added
  • Also, new key data are added as below
  • Add ProfileAdd Mfg. & model & series
    • 162
  • Vauxhall
    • 10, 1024, 1025, 1097, 124, 132, 147, 155, 156, 159, 16, 160, 162, 164, 165, 186, 21, 232, 74, 810, 91,
    • All years
  • Monaro VXR
    • 2004~2006 (IC Card:810)
  • Vivaro
    • 2002~ (IC Card:1024)
  • Peugeot
    • Expert
    • All years (IC Card:1047)


Item Code ABK-3553
Manufacturer Miracle


Brand Model From Year To Year


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  • Customer Data management by the A9
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  • How to update the Miracle A9 firmware
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  • Cutting a MUL-T-Lock key by using the Miracle A9
  • Cutting Mercedes Key HU39 by Miracle A9
  • Duplicating Jeep CY22 Key without choosing blank
  • Cutting Lexus TOY40P Key Using the Miracle A9
  • Updating Miracle A9 Premium Auto Key Cutting Machine with Built in WIFI
  • Manual TOY48 4 Cut Milling in the Miracle A9 Premium Auto Key Cutting Machine

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