XTool KC501 Key and Chip Programmer

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X-Tool KC501 Key Programmer Overview:

Xtool KC501 is a professional Key & transponder chip programmer which can read, write keys, detect the remote frequency and generate dealer keys for various vehicle models.

It supports read and write MCU/EEPROM chips, read and write Mercedes Infrared keys. Moreover, it supports PC connection which brings you a better user experience.

Highlights of Xtool KC501 Functions:

  • Xtool KC501 support read and write keys, support read remote frequency as well as generating dealer's key
  • Xtool KC501 Read and write MCU/EEPROM Chips
  • Xtool KC501 Read and write Mercedes Infrared Keys
  • KC501 Support PC Connection or tablet
  • Xtool KC501 Read remote frequency
  • Xtool KC501 is compatible Can work with Xtool PAD3 and Xtool A80
  • Xtool KC501 Support Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda 4th generation, 5th generation, MQB key programming
  • Xtool KC501 Support Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda 4th-generation 96-bit online, 5th-generation online, MQB online key programming
  • Xtool KC501 Support BMW CAS1-CAS3++ key matching
  • Xtool KC501 Support writing start smart key for Land Rover 2015+.
  • Xtool KC501 Support Toyota/Lexus all lost key programming without dismantling, can realize 94, 98, 88, A8, A9, 39 simulation key generation (require Xtool KS-01 emulator)


X-Tool KC501 Main Features

  1. Powerful Function for Xtool KC501 Chip Reading and writing
    KC501 supports reading, writing, erasing, and other functions of various chips such as registers, microcontrollers, anti-theft, etc., and supports more than 120 EEPROM, 7 MCU, and 11 ECU read and write functions
  1. Xtool KC501 Full-Featured Key Programming Function
    It supports automatic key recognition, partial key reading and writing, key generation, key information reading, key check lock, key unlock, and other functions.
  1. Xtool KC501 Compatible with multiple devices, expanding anti-theft matching
    Xtool KC-501 programmer can be connected to the tablet as an anti-theft match, and supports the connection of X100 PAD2, X100 PAD3 &  Xtool Auto Pro PAD


How to connect X-Tool KC501 programmer & VCI unit to the vehicle using Bluetooth

  1. Connect VCI and main cable with the car's OBD port.
  2. Turn on the VCI device and pair Bluetooth with the key programming device.
  3. Connect the VCI device and KC501 with a USB cable. Then enter the Immobilizer menu and follow the instructions on the device.


How to connect Xtool KC501 & VCI unit to the vehicle using OBD cable

  1. Turn on the VCI programming device.
  2. Connect the car's OBD port with OBD wire.
  3. Connect the VCI device and KC501 with a USB cable. Then enter the Immobilizer menu and follow the instructions on the device.


Xtool KC501 VS Xtool KC100

  • Xtool KC501 Eeprom programmer is the 2020 version with more features
  • Xtool KC501 key programmer can generate dealer key when working with Xtool X100 PAD3
  • Xtool KC501 programmer can Read and write Mercedes Infrared keys  
  • Xtool KC501 key programmer can Detect key ID & frequency
  • Xtool KC501 MCU programmer works stand-alone using Xtool KC501 PC software


Xtool KC501 Programming Device Package List 

  • Xtool KC501 Key & Chip Key Programmer
  • Xtool KC501 Charger (With Power Supply Cable)
  • Xtool KC501 Benz Infrared cable
  • Xtool KC501 MCU FQFP176 Adapter
  • Xtool KC501 MCU FQFP64 Adapter
  • Xtool KC501 XTA001 Clamp
  • Xtool KC501 IC Clamp
  • Xtool KC501 MCU FQFP112 Adapter
  • Xtool KC501 MCU FQFP144 Adapter
  • Xtool KC501 MCU FQFP80 Adapter
  • Xtool KC501 IC EEPROM Socket
  • Xtool KC501 EEPROM Adaptor (With bracket)
  • Xtool KC501 XTA002 Clamp
  • Xtool KC501 XTA003 Clamp
  • Xtool KC501 26 PIN Cable
  • Xtool KC501 24 AWG Cable
  • Xtool KC501 Tool Case
  • Xtool KC501 Packing List
  • Xtool KC501 User Manual

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