Face To Face Copier Remote Fixed Code 4Buttons 315MHz Design2

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Universal fixed code remote control programmed Face to face 315 MHz
This remote has 4 channels that can duplicate any 315Mhz fixed code remote with DIP switches or fixed code signal.
It can assign up to 4 different channels to the 4 buttons.
i.e. you can duplicate 4 different remote controllers into this remote and each button will work for one different remote


  • No device required for programming
  • Self-learning remote control
  • Learning face to face in few seconds
  • Support all fixed code remotes 315 MHz
  • High quality
  • Long distance signal


Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers:

  • Vehicle central locking systems
  • Garage doors
  • Electronic gates
  • Electrical appliances
  • All other remote controls using Fixed coder system

Note: This remote is not compatible with rolling code or code hopping technologies.


Item Code ABK-3157
Manufacturer ABKEYS
Type Universal Remotes
Buttons count 4buttons
Frequency 315MHz
Color Black

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