An-San Junior Key Cutting Machine TR-9980

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TR-9980 Junior, which has an aesthetic structure, features its user-friendliness with its compact size and ergonomics that take up little space. 
Durable and clean cutting is possible thanks to the developed technology and its cutter structure.
The mill structure which works with cradle system removes the biggest problem keys in tibbe style have about having four equal sides.
Key sizes come out in sizes and sensitivity in accordance with norms of factory settings because the process of copying is done without attaching original keys. Thanks to that it is unlikely to make any mistakes or waste any keys. As the processing handle works with direct movement method you will feel that managing it is under your command.
With user friendliness which is the most important thing for professional locksmiths, TR-9980 Junior offers at the top level, you can copy all tibbe type of keys in Ford and Jaguar groups making zero mistakes thanks to its easy and fast usage.
Detailed Features:
 Powerful engine:
 The engine power of 150 watts and 2800 cycles per minute rotating for a comfortable and clean cut.
 Small design:
 Too much of a space saving and easy access to all the functions are designed.
 Easily copy:
 Jaguar Group of the Ford group, both through the use of simple types of tibbe copy key.
 100% sensitivity:
 We developed a way to copy a key binding method for the 100% accurate.
 Electrostatic paint:
 To protect the appearance and solidity of machine body is painted with high-quality epoxy coated.
 Manual action:
 Special mechanical design process with complete control at your fingertips.
 Full protection:
 Burrs, with a comfortable use is absorbed by the protector.
 Original dimension:
 Copied from the original key is the key to the extent, that is, factory output norms size.
 Electrical safety:
 Kept to the highest of all standards for electrical safety.
 ABS cover:
 Machine plastic parts are manufactured from recycled ABS material.
Supported Key Types:
General Features:
Handle Ergo
With Touch Panel : ×
With Mechanical Control Panel :
63mm Cutter :
ECU : ×
Led Light :
Standby System :
Power Economy :
Audible Alerts : ×
Illuminated Status Alerts :
System Features:
Ho.Wo. System
100% Sensitivity :
Easily Copy System :
Automatic Action :
Motion Sensitive Run :
Manual Copying System :
Original Dimension Tech. :
Sensitive Copying System :
Swallow Slide X Axis :
Linear Ball Bearing Y Axis :
Vise Features:
Clamp Complete Tech.
Easy Connect System :
Correct Angle Application System :
Undamaged Key Compression :
Special Vise Belt :
Body Features:
Aluminum Alloy Body ×
Cast Iron Body :
Electrosatic Paint :
ABS Plastic Accessories :
Aluminum Alloy Parts :
Cast Iron Parts : ×
Lightweight Design :
Carbon Fiber Pattern Cover :
Comfort Features:
Burr Protector
Cutter Protection :
HSS Cutter :
Motion-Sensitive Work :
Quiet Mono-phase Motor :
Maintenance-Free Motor :
Careless Axes :
C13 Cable Entry :
Anti-Vibration Feet :
Technical Specifications:
Motor Power 150W
Engine Overdrive : 2800rpm
Motor Added : one
Voltage : 220V
Frequency : 50Hz
Consumption : 0.15Kw
Recycling Materials :
Max. Electrical Safety :
CE :
Product Dimension | Most : 22cm
Product Dimension | Size : 36cm
Product Dimension | Height : 21cm
Packaging | Most : 30cm
Packaging | Size : 44cm
Packaging | Height : 27cm
Weight Net : 15kg
Weight Gross : 17kg
✓ - Standard Equipment
× - Not in used
ο - Optional Equipment


Item Code ABK-2957
Manufacturer AN-SAN


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