An-San Panther SX Key Cutting Machine TR-2050

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TR-2050 Panther SX has all needed features to copy keys in group of pantograph, ball and graded in an easy way and in favor of application. One of the most important features is that its suspension system when ordered can start working with a single movement and stops likewise. This feature is designed as a system to help users while copying point processed keys. Up and down fixing system, which another necessary feature in making point processed keys also helps a lot in opening canals.
The feature model TR-2050 Panther SX has is that parts it has to attach two independent key groups. The mill group can rotate -/+45 degrees towards both right and left sides and thanks to that it offers a great solution in copying keys. Also, in addition to all models being in modular structure, they are also been designed for future.
Springback system which provides comfort in copying car keys enhances working performance by abolishing the pressure made by hand. It makes it convenient to copy pantograph type S of keys in vertical fixing system or in opening canals.
Thanks to its electronic control supported adjustment system, it can be adjusted only in a few steps easily at the sensitivity of 0.01.
The - and + system allows you to run your work optionally. The toolkit drawer it has in the lower body keeps all needed equipment; three different groups of cutters come with the machine as a standard. 
Detailed Features:
 Modular clamp:
 Clamp has a structure that offers three different groups, key attachment.
 Full linear bearing:
 All axes of movement on linear bearings are maintenance-free and high quality.
 Touch buttons:
 Touch-sensitive buttons for use with the help of a long life is working all the boards.
 Horizontal suspension:
 Car keys suspension system that provides comfort and convenience in operation.
 Electrostatic paint:
 To protect the appearance and solidity of machine body is painted with high quality epoxy coated.
 45 degree:
 Clamp rotates 45 degrees left and right angle so that the key types of processed copied.
 Full protection:
 Burrs, with a comfortable use is absorbed by the protector.
 Cutting tools are in front of the machine for convenient transportation.
 Electronic set:
 The most seen 1t1ve setting and display setting is designed to support the electronic control system.
 Led lights:
 LED lighting is environmentally friendly and focused on the required area.
Supported Key Types:
General Features:
Handle Ergo :
Eletronic Adjustment System
Mechanical Adjustment System ×
With Touch Panel
With Mechanical Control Panel ×
Led Light
Standby System
Power Economy
Audible Alerts
Illuminated Status Alerts
Current Protection
System Features:
Vertical Suspension
Horizontal Suspension
Fix Features
X Axis Stabilization
Y Axis Anchoring
Z Axis Holding
Ho.Wo System
Easily Copying System
0.01 Fine Copying
Universal Team Enty
Vise Features:
Clamp Complete Tech. ×
Two Different Key Points :
Three Different Key Points : ×
+45 ° / -45 ° Rotation Capability :
Optional Vise Entry :
Mounting Optional Equipment :
Special Vise Belt :
Two Size Length Stand :
Three Dimension Lenght Stand : ×
Body Features:
Aluminum Alloy Body
Cast Iron Body : ×
Electrostatic Paint :
ABS Plastic Accessories :
Aluminum Alloy Parts :
Cast Iron Parts :
Lightweight Design :
Carbon Fiber Pattern Cover :
Comfort Features:
Burr Protector
Tool Drawer :
Motion-sensitive Operation :
HSS Cutter :
Carbide Cutter : ο
Quiet Mono-phase Motor :
Maintenance-Free Motor :
Careless Axes :
C13 Cable Entry :
Anti-Vibration Feet :
High Working Area :
Technical Specifications:
Motor Power 150W
Engine Overdrive : 6000rpm
Motor Added : one
Voltage : 220V
Frequency : 50Hz
Consumption : 0.15Kw
Recycling Materials :
Max. Electrical Safety :
CE :
Product Dimension | Most : 30cm
Product Dimension | Size : 42cm
Product Dimension | Height : 34cm
Packaging | Most : 36cm
Packaging | Size : 48cm
Packaging | Height : 43cm
Weight Net : 22kg
Weight Gross : 23kg
✓ - Standard Equipment
× - Not in used
ο - Optional Equipment


Item Code ABK-2955
Manufacturer AN-SAN


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