An-San Carisma SM Key Cutting Machine TR-3000

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TR-3000 Carisma SM is a model designed for copying keys faster and in series. Carisma SM whose structure of knife and control mechanism is adjusted in accordance with this kind of processing is one and the only machine giving 100% opening warranty in its class.
Circular working systems which can create boredom during the usage of modern-day keys depending on the precision ratio; increase this boredom especially in semi­automatic class.
TR-3000 Carisma SM is at the top rank in terms of accuracy from copy to copy and enabling the most productivity at the maximum period of time.
Thanks to the slot arm situated at the side, a key can be copied in only 10 seconds. Also, the machine starts working when the key is being processed and when this copying procedure is over, it automatically stops.
The most striking feature Carisma SM has is its horizontal working mill system- like what other series have. While copying keys, with the loss in angle from lower plug to the upper plug in the code of locking, circular working clamp systems increase the error rate. Thanks to the horizontal working system developed, no matter how many keys are processed from one copy to the other, because the cutting and follower centers of a raw key and the copied ones are at the center, error rate on the copied keys is always zero. Because of that, An-San gives 1OOOfo of opening warranty to all keys it has made. 
Detailed Features: 
 Saving lights:
 Workspace oriented and lens-assisted environmentally friendly lighting.
 High power:
 The follower system has a strong structure to protect the sensitivity of intact for many years.
 Manual control:
 Professional locksmiths are offered the highest level of comfort for the user.
 Change mechanism: 
 Clamp to select portions of the following buttons to press to make your job easier.
 ABS cover:
 Machine plastic parts are manufactured from recycled ABS material.
 Teflon-coated bushings used in the Y axis with high-quality precision movement and a stable work.
 Static paint: 
 To protect the appearance and solidity of machine body is painted with high-quality epoxy coated.
 3D cutter:
 With three-blade cutting surface and cutting set with this structure, long life and zero risks of tooth fracture.
 Electrical safety:
 Kept to the highest of all standards for electrical safety.
 Full protection:
 Burrs, with a comfortable use, is absorbed by the protector.
Supported Key Types:
General Features:
Handle Ergo :
With touch panel : ×
With mechanical control panel :
50mm Cutter :
80mm Cutter : ×
ECU : ×
Led Light :
3D Cutter :
2D Cutter : ×
Standby System :
Power Economy :
Audible alerts : ×
Illuminated status alerts :
Current Protection : ×
System Features:
Ho.Wo. System :
Two Speed Motion : ×
Easily Copy System :
Automatic Action : ×
Motion Sensitive Run :
Manual Copying System :
Automatic Coyping System : ×
Sensitive Copying System :
Vise Features:
Clamp Complete Tech :
Two-way Clamp :
Four-way Vise : Ο
Tightening from V system channel :
Roller compression system :
Special Vise :
38mm Vise : ×
34mm Vise :
Body Features:
Aluminum Alloy Body :
Cast Iron Body : ×
Electrostatic Paint :
ABS Plastic Accessories :
Aluminum Alloy Parts :
Cast Iron Parts : ×
Lightweight Design :
Carbon Fiber Patter Cover :
Comfort Features:
Burr Brush : ×
Automatic brushing system : ×
Burr Protector :
Cutter Protector :
Security Trigger : ×
HSS Cutter :
Carbide Cutter : Ο
Vise turning lever :
Auto-closing timer :
Quiet Mono-phase Motor :
Maintenance-Free Motor :
Careless Axes :
C13 Cable Entry :
Anti-Vibration feet :
Technical Specifications:
Motor Power : 180W
Engine Overdrive : 1400rpm
Motor Added one
Voltage 220V 
Frequency  50Hz 
Consumption  0.18Kw 
Recycling Matertials 
Max. Electrical Safety   
Product Dimension | Most  32cm 
Product Dimension | Size 45cm 
Product Dimension | Height  30cm 
Packaging | Most  38cm 
Packaging | Size  58cm 
Packaging | Height  45cm 
Weight Net  14kg 
Weight Gross  17kg 
✓  - Standard Equipment
× - Not in used
Ο - Optional Equipment


Item Code ABK-2951
Manufacturer AN-SAN


Brand Model From Year To Year


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