Rosfar Programmer For Secure 912, 9S12 For Mercedes Benz EIS / EZS & Bmw CAS

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The system works as an in-circuit programmer, no need to remove the chip from the target board or lifting any pin.
It connects to the board via serial connection by using a few wires and it works with secured chips, too.
No matter if it is secured or not.
Supported Processors:
  • Rosfar Programmer can program the Motorola / Freescale 68HC912 / MC912 / MC9S12 microcontroller families, including the latest MC9S12X XGATE-based processor family.
Supported OS:
  • Windows 98
  • Windows Me
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 
Supported Models:
  • Items for in-circuit programming with Rosfar:
    • BMW 1,3,5,6 Series CAS2 White (MC9S12)
    • BMW 1,3,5,6,X5 Series CAS3 Black (MC9S12)
    • BMW 1,3,5,6,X5 Series CAS3 Black (MC9S12X)
    • BMW 7 Series CAS 2002 (HC12)
    • BMW 7 Series CAS 2005 (9S12)
    • BMW X3/X5 EWS4 (MC9S12)
    • BMW X3/X5 EWS4 (9S12) incl. 2007 version New (editing of EWS4?s 9S12D64 now - works)
    • Ford Mustang 2007 (MC9S12)
    • Landrover Freelander 2002 (HC12)
    • Landrover Freelander 2004 (HC12)
    • Mercedes A-Class 2004 Key Module (MC9S12)
    • Mercedes C/CLK C209 ZGW (MC9S12)
    • Mercedes E/C W211 Key Module (HC12)
    • Mercedes E/C/CLK/SLK W211 Key Module (MC9S12)
    • Mercedes ML/R W164 Key Module (MC9S12)
    • Mercedes S/SL EZS R230 (MC9S12)
    • Mercedes Sprinter EZS (MC9S12)
    • Mercedes Sprinter 2007 EZS (9S12) !!!New!!!
    • Mercedes Sprinter 2008 EZS (9S12) !!!New!!!
    • Mercedes Vito 2008 EZS (9S12) !!!New!!!
    • Mini One/Cooper Dashboard (HC12)
    • Mini One/Cooper EWS4 (MC9S12)
    • Mini One/Cooper CAS3 Black (MC9S12X)
    • Volkswagen Crafter EZS (MC9S12)
Be aware that some competitors are providing copies of this tool without the automatic learning algorithm making them really unsafe. Use them at your own risk.

| Softwares and Manuals can be downloaded from the download section |


Item Code ABK-2574
Manufacturer ABKEYS
Type IC Programmer

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