Miracle A5 Key Cutting Machine

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Miracle A5 is a Computerized Electronic Automobile Key Cutting Machine
Miracle-A5, all-in-one, single side and double side standard keys and laser key cutting machine, is the innovative automobile key cutting solution for discerning locksmiths.
Miracle-A5 is an electronic three-axis key cutting machine, which operates with state-of-the-art mobile devices such as PDA, Smart Phone, UMPC, etc.


Bluetooth Wireless Communication
Easy Key Selection with Various Mobile Devices
Just 2~3 Minutes Required
Bright LED Lights for Night

  Main Features:

 - Single-Sided and Double-Sided Standard Key and Laser Key Cut
 -Tibbe (FO21, TBE1) Cut
 - LDV Key Cut (FO19)
 - Decode and Cut
 - Bluetooth Wireless Communication & Mobile Device Support
 - Stand-Alone
 - Automatic Cutter Length Sensor
 - 3 Axis
 - Light-Weight and Compact Sized Machine for Easy Carry
 - One Clamp for Holding All Types of Keys
 - Support with Various Power Source (Portable Battery, Vehicle Cigarette cord, AC, etc) 


- Various kind of mobile devices support:
     Laptop / PC
     Smart Phone
- Bluetooth Wireless Communication

Retrieve and cut keys using Embedded LCD and Keys.
Hundreds of key data are stored in an internal SD Memory Card.

Automatic Cutter Length Sensor:
It calibrates cutter length automatically
Exchanging cutter is dramatically easy with its automatic cutter sensing technology 
 3 Axis:
Axis-structure offers the following features which make the machine use very easy and accurate:
1. Automatic cutter length measurement
- This ensures easy and convenient use of the machine
2. Automatic laser Key thickness measurement
- This ensures precise key cutting capability
3. Support for LDV (FO19) key cutting.
- This offers additional cutting capability.

 One Clamp for Holding All Types of Keys:
It holds bit, double bit and all kinds of laser key without clamp change
Just place a key on the clamp and fasten. Holding a key is very easy


Support with Various Power Sources: (Portable Battery. Vehicle Cigarette cord. AC. etc)
- Just directly plug into vehicle cigar cord. (No inverter is needed)
- Optional battery is available for portable use of the machine.
- All range of AC source is supported from 100V to 240V at 50/60Hz.


Bright LED Light for Night:
- Bright LED light helps easy night work.
- Long life-cycle of LED. 



Easy Data Management of User-Defined Key:
- User can add new key data easily
- Users can download new key data from the internet


Box Content:
How to use:

Single & Double-Sided Standard & Laser Key Cut:

Single & Double-Sided Standard & Laser Key Cut:


Item Code ABK-2097
Manufacturer Miracle


Brand Model From Year To Year


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