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Toyota and Lexus Software for Tango Transponder Programmer
The Tango Transponder Key Programmer is a professional Automobile Immobilizer key programming device.
The Tango Software covers a wide range of vehicle makes, including Toyota & Lexus.
Toyota & Lexus Software Supported Models: 
  • Avalon ECU-93C56 (ID4C)
  • Avalon ECU-Motorola (ID4C)
  • Avensis immobox-Motorola (ID4D)
  • Avensis immobox-Motorola (ID4C)
  • Avensis ECU-93C56 (ID4C)
  • Camry ECU-93C56 v.1 (ID4C)
  • Camry ECU-93C56 v.2 (ID4C)
  • Camry ECU-93C86 (ID4C)
  • Camry ECU-Motorola (ID4C)
  • Camry immobox-93C66 (ID4C)
  • Carina (ID4C)
  • Carina (1996-) 24C04, ID33
  • Celica ECU-24C04 (ID33)
  • Corolla immobox-93C66 (ID4C)
  • Corolla ECU-93C56 (ID4C)
  • Corolla ECU-24C02 (ID4C)
  • Corolla ECU-25020 (ID4C)
  • Corolla ECU-95080 (ID4C)
  • Crown Majesta (ID4C)
  • Duet (ID4C)
  • Echo ECU-25040 (ID4C)
  • Echo ECU-93C66
  • Estima immobox-24C04 (ID33)
  • Hiace
  • Land Cruiser immobox-93C66 (ID4C)
  • Land Cruiser ECU-93C56 (ID4C)
  • Lexus RX300 (ID4C)
  • Lexus ES300 (ID4C)
  • Lexus IS200 (ID4C)
  • Lexus GS300 (1998-2004)
  • MR2 (93C56, ID4C)
  • Paseo immobox-24C04 (ID33)
  • Passo Picnic (1999-) 93C66, ID4C
  • Previa immobox-24C04 (ID33)
  • Prius immobox-93C66 (ID4C)
  • RAV4 ECU-25080 (ID4C)
  • RAV4 (93C66,ID4C)
  • Rush
  • Solara (ECU 93C56)
  • Starlet immobox-24C04 (ID33)
  • Yaris 2001 ECU-25020 (ID4C)
  • Yaris 2002 ECU-95080 (ID4C)
  • Yaris 2003 ECU-95040(ID4C)
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Item Code ABK-2087-TOY
Manufacturer Scorpio
Type Tango Software Pack


Brand Model From Year To Year Note
LEXUS ALL MODELS Check Tango Supported List
TOYOTA ALL MODELS Check Tango Supported List


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