OBDStar MS50 Motorcycle Diagnostic Scanner Tablet

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OBDSTAR MS50 motorcycle diagnostic tool overview:

OBDSTAR MS50 tablet is a portable tablet that has a super performance and industrial appearance design.
It is a new generation of intelligent motorcycle diagnostic equipment tailored for customers.

OBDSTAR MS50 main functions:

  • OBDSTAR MS50 uses the Android 5.1.1 operation system
  • OBDSTAR MS50 is simple and intuitive menu guidance that allows you to quickly master the equipment operation;
  • OBDSTAR MS50 provide complete diagnostic functions including motorcycle fault code reading, motorcycle fault code clearing,
  • motorcycle data flow, motorcycle action test, motorcycle setting, motorcycle coding, etc.;
  • OBDSTAR MS50 menu Arbitrary selection is more convenient and quick;
  • OBDSTAR MS50 record and playback real-time data streams, quickly and accurately locate sensor and component faults;
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, one-click software upgrade;
  • OBDSTAR MS50 One-Click remote function, OBDSTAR technical staff remote assistance;
  • OBDSTAR MS50 supports most of the Asia and European motorcycle models.
  • More functions are under development...

OBDSTAR MS50 tablet advanced function:

  • The first fault guidance, Help data, technical bulletin, diag socket, etc. help you diagnose accurately and efficiently;
    Diversified data stream display modes such as text, waveform diagram, and instrument diagram, allowing you to easily analyze faults;
  • Automatic scanning, automatic VIN recognition, control module programming and coding, ECU setting, instrument coding, tire
  • pressure monitoring system, maintenance light reset, CO adjustment, idle speed adjustment, A/F value reset, ABS control unit setting, EOL mode, transmission memory reset, clear computer memory, etc.

OBDSTAR MS50 supported motorcycle models:

  • OBDSTAR MS50 snowmobile
  • OBDSTAR MS50 ATV motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 UTV motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 CFMOTO motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Royal Enfield motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Hero motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 TVS motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Bajaj motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Honda motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Kawasaki motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Kymco motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Suzuki motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 SYM motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Yamaha motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 PGO motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Hartford motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 AEON motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Benelli motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 KTM motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Piaggio motorcycle
  • OBDSTAR MS50 Vespa motorcycle

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