Genuine Lishi Classic 2-in-1 Pick / Decoder For SUZUKI Lishi Tool (2020+) CLASSIC-LISHI2-1SUZUKI-2020

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Genuine Lishi Classic Tools Overview:

If you are looking for the best of the best auto locksmith tools, then you should certainly consider the Genuine Lishi Classic Tools offered by
Known worldwide as the leading brand in locksmith auto tools, you are ensured not only the best quality in the market but innovative and durable lock tools that have been developed to ensure effectiveness, ease of use, speed and long life.

There are three different Genuine Lishi pick decoder tools:

  • Genuine Lishi 2 in 1 pick (Lishi pick and decoder)
         Can pick the lock and read it after picking it, it works for door locks only
  • Genuine Lishi 3 in 1 pick (Lishi picking and decoding)
         Can pick the lock and read it after picking it, it works for door, trunk & ignition locks.
  • Genuine Lishi Reader (Genuine Lishi pick tools)
         Can use the lishi decoder tools to read the lock without picking it, just insert the tool Lishi lock pick tools and read the bitting heights directly without a working key, or picking the lock, after that, you can cut the key by the bitting code which you read by any automatic key cutting machines such as Miracle A9 Premium, Miracle S10, Keyline 994, Keyline Ninja, Xhorse Condor or any other key cutting machines.

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All Lishi tools products, Genuine Lishi picks can be found on this page: Genuine Lishi Tools

To know how to use the Lishi tools please check our YouTube channel from this link:


Item Code ABK-1964
Manufacturer LISHI
Type Geniune Lishi Classic Tools


Brand Model From Year To Year


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