Xhorse VVDI Key Tool VVDI2 Peugeot Citroen Style Wired Flip Remote, 3Buttons XKDS00EN

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Xhorse Wired remote overview:

The Xhorse wired remotes are universal remotes for vehicles, garage, gate, and many more modules, with the Xhorse wired remote, you will be able to generate a wide range of remote types.

The VVDI wired remote control can be generated by connecting the VVDI remote cable to it

Xhorse VVDI wired remote doesn't have a transponder chip on it, if the vehicle requires a transponder chip you should add an OEM transponder chip to the remote or you can add the Xhorse Super chip XT27A01  ABK-4696 and clone the original transponder key data

How to generate Xhorse wired remote:

  1. Open VVDI wired remote and remove battery
  2. Connect Xhorse remote data cable to white connector on the Xhorse remote PCB board and plug into VVDI Key Tool
  3. Using the VVDI Key Tool, select the remote you would like to generate
  4. Disconnect cable, reinsert battery, and reassemble remote
  5. Program the remote to the vehicle, same as you do to an OEM remote
  6. Add transponder chip and program it to the vehicle if required

Xhorse VVDI Wired remote compatible devices:


Item Code ABK-1015-XKDS00EN
Manufacturer XHORSE
Type Flip Key Remote
Buttons count 3buttons
OEM Part Number XKDS00EN


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