KeyDiy KD Universal Remote B Series Hyundai Type B25

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The KEYDIY Remote Controls are Universal Remotes with unlimited applications.
It is very hard to keep all original remotes in stock, as it is going to be very costly.
The KD Remote will replace most of the original remote control.
There is Two Main Models of the KD Remotes
  • Bxxx and NBxxx
  • The B- Remote Controls are Universal Remotes with different shapes, but all with same functions, only B01 Luxury and B10 with crystal for some special cars.
  • B01 and B10 have 2 buttons, 2+1 buttons, 3 buttons, 3+1 buttons, B05 has 2 buttons, 3 buttons and 3+1 buttons.
  • B09 has 3 buttons and 3+1 buttons B01 Luxury has 5 colors, black, red, blue, green and yellow.
  • The NB Remote Controls Has Built in Transponder chip for Special car models.
NB02 support car list:
  • Peugeot 206, 307, 408
  • CitroenC2, C4, C5
  • New Buick Regal, Buick Lacrosse GL8
  • Honda Civic, New CRVFit
  • Renault, Opel, and Others
There are 5 Different models of NB Remotes
  1. NB-ATT-36 is for Peugeot and Citroen and old Honda (most before 2013) and some other brand cars. (default keys are NB-36 mode)
  2. NB-ATT-46 is for Touareg, Bentley and most Renault, Fiat and some other keys with PCF7946 chips.
  3. NB-ATT-Chrysler is for Chrysler Dodge Jeep car keys.
  4. NB-ETT-GM is for new Buick, Chevrolet, Opel cars
  5. NB-XTT-New Honda is for 2014 and 2015 New Honda cars keys.
Supported KD Devices:


Item Code ABK-1010-B25
Manufacturer KEYDIY [genuine]
Type Flip Key Remote
Buttons count 3buttons
OEM Part Number B25


Brand Model From Year To Year


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